Carol's first year with Wild & Co

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Carol's first year with Wild & Co

It is now exactly a year since Chartered Certified Accountant Carol Beeley joined us from her senior finance role at North Yorkshire County Council.

With more than two decades of senior accounting experience behind her she has been an incredible asset to our team and Carol has added so much more than financial expertise. Her energy, motivation and genuine passion for our client businesses has made her a delight to work with and her approachable, down to earth nature has made her a favourite with our clients too.

Thankfully, the fact that we’re a little different to other accountancy firms is one of the things that attracted her to us in the first place and she tells us that Wild and Co’s active approach to accounting has been a breath of fresh air. So, what has her first year been like? We asked her to share her thoughts and experiences in her own words.

Carol tells us: “This time last year I was looking forward to a new role with hope, expectation and more than a little trepidation. I was drawn to Liz and Graham because of their unique approach to accountancy work and I hoped it would involve more client work and less of the mundane book-keeping and admin tasks that tend to come with the territory in finance roles.

I am pleased to say that I was not disappointed.  Far from being stuck behind a desk all day, I spend a lot of my time out and about networking and meeting clients, which I absolutely love.

Liz and Graham work hard to streamline and automate the tasks that I was used to doing manually which frees us all up to spend our time analysing the figures, explaining them to clients and looking at the bigger picture in terms of where their business is heading and what needs to happen next. That might mean new premises, more staff, different markets or it could be a complete shift in direction. The key thing is that our clients have real time information at their fingertips which allows them to make informed decisions.

I am thoroughly enjoying real time accounting and it is so rewarding to see the benefits this brings to clients and their businesses. In just one year I have seen tangible results for a whole range of different companies.

Wild and Co itself has experienced growth and success over the past year, including being shortlisted for a Harrogate Advertiser Business Award for Best Small Business. I feel very proud to be part of such a warm, friendly and dynamic team and am looking forward to year two with even more hope and expectation than I had this time last year.”