Protecting your Xero data – Using Two-Factor Authentication

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Protecting your Xero data – Using Two-Factor Authentication

Security is paramount for any business and this is especially important when considering the safety of customer data. A business which looks after customer’s data is particularly likely to be targeted but we all need to be aware of the risk of being hacked by ever more sophisticated cyber criminals.

No matter the size of your business it could still be a target of a cyber security attack. In fact, small businesses have been shown to be frequent victims and the impact of a data breach can be critical. Strong security is the key to a reliable and sustainable business.

To ensure the business and customer data you keep in Xero is safe and secure, Xero has introduced a robust Two Factor Authentication (2FA) process which provides reliable extra security.

Normally, logging into any account will require a username and password combination and this is known as Single Factor Authentication.

With Xero’s 2FA, there is an additional level of security, like adding an extra lock to your door. Many digital systems now require extra verification to log in and this could be; hardware such as your phone or a fob, your fingerprint or face scan, or a notification sent to you containing a one-time password (OTP).

Using 2FA vastly strengthens login security and protects customer’s data from being accessed or hacked. A single password can be weak and reused in addition with an email address elsewhere.

Two Factor reduces the risk of data being stolen and meets the expectations customers have about their security. The extra level of security that 2FA provides makes it drastically harder to access accounts and therefore access sensitive data.

To set up 2SA in Xero, an authenticator app will need to be installed on your computer or device which you can then link with your Xero account. Each user in your organisation will need to set up 2SA separately with their own login details.

We recommend all our clients use 2FA in Xero and any online systems that contain business and personal data. If you need help setting up 2FA in Xero or have further questions on protecting data, then please do feel free to get in touch.

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