Introducing secure file transfer

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Introducing secure file transfer

When you work closely with your accountant, you will share the most important aspects of your business.

From your latest turnover figures to your annual tax return, there are plenty of documents you will need to share between you through the course of a year.

Naturally, you’ll choose an accountant you can trust to keep these confidential – but what about sharing files online? Can you be confident your files won’t go astray and end up in the wrong hands?

It’s surprising how many people are still relying on old-fashioned paper and pen to share information with their accountant. While physical paperwork may feel more secure, there’s always the risk it can be lost in the post, and of course the process is much slower than an electronic alternative.

To make sure all our clients’ documents remain completely secure but our service is quick and responsive, we have introduced IRIS OpenSpace, a highly secure file transfer system designed specifically for businesses to work closely with their accountants.

Because it is cloud-based, you can access your documents wherever you are simply by logging in. You can also upload your documents when and where it suits you, and we can check and respond to them straight away.

All of this is completely secure, so you know your most important information is only being shared with us to use in our work to support you.  Not only that, but it’s compliant with regulations including GDPR, maintaining all the confidentiality you need for your most important business documents.

We’re pleased to be rolling out use of IRIS OpenSpace to our clients now, and to be offering it to all new clients who join us in future too. If you’d like to know more about how it could help you, just get in touch.

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